We hurt ourselves the most when we love ourselves the least

Frequently Asked Questions - Most Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - Most Frequently Asked Questions

Journey to Worthy is a program of inspiration based upon the science of Quantum Physics. It is presented through various formats including a) classes b) special presentations and c) lectures in a classroom or office setting. Each session/class or presentation bears a �theme� which specifically addresses the needs of each group as a collective, although tailored to meet each individual�s specific needs.

No, the program is based upon the science of Quantum Theory.   Its presentation is unbiased and neutral in content and is offered in the pure science of Quantum Physics made simple. The inspirational message of Journey to Worthy does not “add to” nor does it “take away” from one’s religious faith, values and beliefs. The message of “self-worth and “self-love” (Journey to Worthy’s primary message) is interwoven throughout all courses, presentations and lectures. But ultimately, each participate is left to decide for himself/herself how much of the program he or she wishes to incorporate (if any) for the enhancement of their own personal life’s journey.

Journey to Worthy’s program is Universal; therefore, it transcends socio-economics, ethnicity, political affiliation and religious beliefs. The program is most beneficial for any group, school, organization, corporate environment or individual person who wishes to examine the contents of their lives on a deeper level and learn more effective ways in which to create desired outcome based upon goals, dreams and desires.   The program is particularly beneficial to those who are struggling with issues of self-esteem, self-worth, depression, general discontentment with their current life circumstances, and those with long-standing, unhealed pain from childhood abuse or trauma. The program is equally effective for those who are generally “uninspired” and are seeking a new direction and ways to “dig out” of a rut or habitual pattern of self-defeat and sabotage.

Excellent candidates for the program include private individuals who are seeking to better themselves and improve their life circumstances, overcome debilitating patterns, expand beyond their current reality and “ignite” their lives into a greater level of LIVING in bliss and the fulfillment of dreams. It is also beneficial for schools, churches, women’s groups, foster care facilities, mental health institutions, organizations catering to youth as well as Corporate America.

Journey to Worthy is presented to your group, organization or corporation by Darnella Ford at your facility, organization or location of your choosing. Private sessions are held at Journey to Worthy’s office just outside of Studio City, California or via tele-conference.

A complimentary consultation with Darnella Ford is offered to all prospective participants. During this consultation, Darnella does a thorough query in order to understand the needs of your particular group, school, organization or corporation. Based upon the information you provide, Darnella will recommend the “presentations” and “classes” that are most beneficial in addressing the needs of your unique personality as well as those whom you represent.

The cost varies according to the number of presentations, length, and duration—as well as any adjustment for travel and customary fees associated with travel.   Darnella does offer a standard non-profit discount to all organizations with a 501c3 tax exemption status.

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