We hurt ourselves the most when we love ourselves the least

My Journey

In my own personal journey as a teacher and a healer, the time has arrived for another deeper level of inspiration. Darnella works privately with clients offering Kinesiology Muscle Testing to uncover “subconscious” beliefs, attitudes and emotions—along with bio-magnetic therapy designed to clear “trapped, hidden and secret” emotions in the subconscious minds. Sessions are designed to INSPIRE and uncover your deeper life purpose. Anchored on the frequencies of unconditional love and healing—the “moment” is dedicated to you and is designed to heal wounds of the past and transcend “specific” energy blocks. Sessions conclude with a guided visual meditation for peace, wellness, health and abundance. Sessions can be summed up in two words—life changing. Private Sessions w/muscle testing and bio-magnetic healing therapy are $125 for 90 minutes. Regular session “without” muscle testing and magnetic therapy is $100.

“I believe that a session such as this…IS the healing modality of the future! We are living ahead of our time and that’s something worth celebrating as INSPIRED living!” Darnella Ford

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