We hurt ourselves the most when we love ourselves the least

You are the dream

Week 1
Level I – “You Are the Dream”

" In this introductory level workshop it’s all about the dream!  This presentation is designed to Inspire!  Inspire! Inspire! Participants will learn how to love their dreams into life beginning first with themselves.  We begin the journey into a world where all things are possible as we explore the nature of unrealized potential and untapped genius.  Magic “note cards” will be given to each attendee—who will capture their heart’s desire in writing and enter it into a “field of dreams.”

In addition to the dream, everyone will have an opportunity to explore deeper levels of self-love and self-worth as we transcend limitation and dare to bring to life forgotten dreams.  This workshop promises to be a magical experience for anyone who wishes to heal their heart, discover a deeper aspect of themselves, overcome personal challenges and love their dreams into life.

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