We hurt ourselves the most when we love ourselves the least

Road to Recovery & Healing

Journey to Worthy’s Road to Recovery & Healing Program

A recovery program specifically designed for individuals battling drug and alcohol addiction.  During the integration process of the 13 Core Principles of Worthiness an individual examines the nature of his or her own personal life in the following areas:


•  Life BEYOND the world addiction—Observation from the “other side” of the struggle

•  Self-Forgiveness

•  Personal Integrity

•  Self-Loyalty

•  Compassion in Action

•  Being a Person of Honor & Honoring Your Commitments

•  Living the “truth” of your Word

•  Authenticity

•  Freedom of Motives and Being Clean in your Personal Life


Recovery Program incorporates the elements of Quantum Physics, Quantum Healing, Neuroscience and Neurobiology.  Under the influence of “inspiration”—primarily self-inspiration, the human being finds within himself the strength, power and resources to rebirth and regenerate the “self.”  It is about the reunion of “lost love,” the love of self in one’s own life.  It is also the full measure of taking responsibility, owning the lessons and transcending addiction through Quantum Healing.  The program of recovery and healing is based upon the core principles of self-love and self-worth as Journey to Worthy’s mission statement can be summarized in one sentence: “I am inherently worthy and I know it.” 


Core Purpose of the Series



Journey to Worthy’s Road to Recovery is a series designed as a powerful tool for transformation.  Participants who attend the Recovery Program will explore the following areas—forgiveness as healing, discovering a deeper aspect of ourselves, overcoming personal challenges and reconnecting with the “forgotten dreams” of your life.  In addition, participants will integrate the 13 principles of Self-Worth, all the while building components of an extraordinary life.


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