We hurt ourselves the most when we love ourselves the least

Walking Between Worlds

This two hour workshop explores life beyond the human body, traveling through parallel realities, and navigating consciously through dimensions.  Once you consciously expand your awareness beyond this realm of existence, you can go into other dimensions and return with very important and valuable insight for your future.  You can see events before they happen in our dimension, gain a greater understanding of your soul's purpose and the authentic purpose of this lifetime; get knowledge on how to overcome specific challenges that are "unique" to you, alter your future by "time jumping," avoid "unwanted" destinies, meet "other aspects of yourself, and get a profound understanding NOW of the environment that you will meet upon transition once your physical body dies.  This workshop provides a tremendous amount of information regarding the nature of consciousness and its ability to expand, as well as techniques for allowing you access beyond the body, and knowledge of what you can expect in those realms and how to maneuver effectively in realms which exist beyond the physical laws of matter.  At the end of the session, you are guided through a meditation which sets the intention to "open access" and prime you to begin your own personal expansion.

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