We hurt ourselves the most when we love ourselves the least

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“Natasha Munson Young Mentor’s Program”

From Self-Exploration to Self-Awareness



“It’s about self-awareness. It’s about knowing YOU better. It’s about discovering things about yourself you’ve never known. It’s about knowing your value. It’s about seeing your beauty. It’s about standing in your truth. It’s about acceptance. It’s about allowing. It’s about growing. It’s about healing. It’s about love. It’s about loving yourself… it’s about time!!

Darnella Ford



Journey to Worthy’s Young Mentors program carries the name of Darnella’s best friend, Natasha Munson (bestselling inspirational author & speaker) whose life mission was to empower young women to “live a life you love.” Darnella and Natasha’s inseparable friendship came to an earthly end when Natasha made her transition on February 23, 2012. In honor of their eternal friendship, Darnella launched the Young Mentor’s program in the spring of 2013 with the solid intention of helping young people around the world transform their lives from the “inside out.” The six-month program is rooted in the principles of self-love and self-worth, whereupon young mentors develop character, build dreams and nurture healthy self-images—which includes “mirror work” and the way in which they view their bodies, physical appearance and their deepest and most profound definitions of beauty. Ultimately, it is a Mentorship that focuses upon the essence of one’s own self-value, the manner in which one “perceives” the world and their place in it according to their own standard of merit and worth.



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